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We step off with brainstorming and move onto guiding you through a step by step procedure to set up your business for online success. Our team offers software integration services, program audit, affiliates recruitment and management. We are a top notch, well-functioning setup agency that guarantees a smooth run of your affiliate program, tailored to your objectives.

Free Consultation

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy begins from short and basic yet effective steps. We conduct a thorough study about your business goals, achievements, USP, targets and dynamics. We analyze the data, choose marketing avenues, find the most efficient lead nurturing and conversion growth techniques.

With the information gained from our collaborative research and the help of our extensive market profiling, we devise an affiliate plan for your business.

This plan comprises all the technical aspects such as legal consultation, paperwork, budget planning, commission strategy, etc. Based on the needs will tell you whether you should opt for a marketplace or an inbound tracking system to trace your progress. By the end of the session, you will have the most suitable, customized affiliate plan ready and organized. Our dedicated manager will ensure your revenue grows with affiliate marketing.

Setup & Integration

We specialize in streamlining your business by merging a topnotch tracking software into your daily operations. We are highly experienced when it comes to dealing with affiliate integration and inbound software. But what makes us the masters of our trade is that our team consists of highly educated professionals, who are well-versed with funnel based programs.

Affiliate marketing is steadily growing. There are more than a hundred marketplaces, over 55+ software systems, countless affiliate model plans, several methods of payments, tire setup, counterfeit management, etc. A lot of great companies fail on the tracking set up stage and as a result, they are unable to provide correct affiliate sales statistics.

Our expertise lies in setting up the tracking system correctly with minimum downtown and effort on your side. We can guide your tech team through this process or bring our own team of development experts.

In addition, we also organize email automation, ESP communication, email funnels creation, pixels, integrate resources for affiliates and test the system before the final launch to achieve higher ROI.

Source & Recruit

When it comes to hiring affiliates, we are undeniably №1. We use the latest BI software to conduct a full-fledged analysis of your market competition, demand and source affiliates who have the kind of outreach that is most effective for your business.

We have our specifically designed procedure where we identify commission levels for several affiliates to recognize the commission levels they will be more attracted to. This enables us to push traffic forward and gain market success.

We have a team of several experts, including our hr manager who sources the best affiliates in the market. We also have a communication manager, who develops a connection with these affiliates. Once this stage is passed, our CEO personally speaks to each affiliate to confirm whether they are the best candidates.

Our goal is to hire proactive, engaging and communicative affiliates who can increase sales and help your business prosper.

Support & Management

We understand the ache of attending hundreds of phone calls on a daily basis, and receiving thousands of emails on a weekly basis. Or, different technical cases such as “tracker out of order”.

With the way things work in the affiliate plans, we understand the necessity of having an active affiliate manager. A basic support interruption or delay results in an inactive affiliate.

What we are good at is managing your program as “Affiliate Managers” actively. In addition, we also audit affiliate commissions on a monthly basis to create an effective payout excel.

Moreover, the process of recognizing potential affiliates is delicate and we deal with it carefully. As a result, we’re able to foster the growth and development of our affiliates.

What makes us exceptional with our strategy is that we construct healthy relationships with the best affiliates in order to guarantee your company’s affiliate campaign a solid ground to grow.

Payroll & More

It is pretty smooth to pay a single affiliate or a team of two. But handing out salaries to more than a 100 affiliates on a monthly basis sounds like a nightmare. This becomes even bigger of a challenge when there are reimbursements, account holdings, fraud leads, scamming clicks and whatnot!

We audit affiliate accounts step by step. This enables us to create a large-scale payment method, which is easy to use and extremely convenient for you to send out payments on a weekly basis. In this way, you will have a streamlined and smooth payment system for your affiliates.

There might be a few affiliates who require different payment methods – don’t worry, we’ll cover that up as well.

In addition, we will also arrange fraud notifications, in order to help you detect scammer affiliates. These triggers will instantly ban such fake affiliates, keeping the safety and integrity of your program intact.

We are also well versed with other aspects of affiliate plans such as branding guidelines, content marketing, white labelling, FTC laws, and etc. So when you reach out to us for your business handling, know that it’s in the right hands. We’ll take care of you.